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Default Re: Check the new sticky...comment here!

Hi I read your very informing post and I just had a few questions:

Those big behemoth 36 inch + hookahs are they just for show? How does size effect the overall smoke quality? You said the 30 inch ones offer the best smoke if thats the case whats the motave for going even bigger? I seen some on websites that are as tall as 5 feet are those just novelty items?

When you "purge" do you just blow into the hose and the smoke above the water will get blown out? Is that what purging means?

A lot of attention is paid to hookahs, what about hoses? I looked around and 20$ looks like the price for all hoses, are there higher quality hoses available? I would think there would be, as a lot of quality and craftsmenship could be put into making a ornate mouthpiece.

If a hose is not washable wont it be dirty? Wouldn't the smoke from tons of different shisha's effect the taste? How about the part you put in your mouth is that washable or detachable?

You stated Egyptian hookahs where the best, are those hookahs made in Egypt or just of "Egyptian" design? Brands like pharaoh or sphinx and nile are superior to other brands because they are Eqyptian designed or made in Egypt?

Lasty what about modern Hookahs? Are they any good? I like the apperance better, and it would match my enviroment more. What are the best brands with the best quality control? I dont really care for a "good" hookah pipe that is affordable or popular I just want something that is great in quality and made with craftsmanship.

Thanks for the info, im getting ready to order my first hookah but i have this thing where I like to research something in great detail before I order it. Money dosent really play a large factor as far as my budget most of these Hookah pipes are all really decently priced. If 50$ seperates a Egyptian hookah from a Chinese one then I would want the "best" hookah for my first one, then there would be no point in changing in the future.
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