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Default Re: can smoking shisha actually be benificial???

honestly cigars, pipes, and hookah all are things that you use to relax.

western pipe smokers have been proven to live longer from what i hear (havent seen the study to prove it).

honestly even a pack a day habit of our chemical sticks we call cigs here only raises your chance of cancer from 1% to 7%, seeing as hookah is natural i would be willing to be its a very very small increased risk.

every thing that is "bad" (but is enjoyable) will knock time off your life, i think genetics are the real thing the determine your age and any thing you do that is "bad" will just take maybe a few years off your life at most IMHO, and frankly i would rather smoke hookah and have a few less years but have enjoyed hookah for literally years of smoking (i did the math and at the rate ive smoked in the last year its almost 30 days worth of smoking when the hours are all counted up).

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