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Default Re: Modern Nour downstem widths

Originally Posted by dropkickdragout View Post
So I'm comparing 2 Nour hookahs at the moment attempting to make up my mind on which one to get. This one or This one. Anyway, thats not my question to all of you, my question is as follows:

Do you believe that both modern Nour Hookahs have the same stem width?

I personally believe that it would make sense that they would, and i sent them and email to ask but they never got back to me and are now closed for the weekend. I had planned to order tomorrow but without knowing, i cant decide, lol.

I don't know, Someone said the downstem on the first one was a tad narrow in my other thread, but in Pixelz review of the second one it looked wide enough for me, so i was wondering if people thought they would be the same.

Fire away.
you dont need to wry about the downstem they are going to be wide enough
more importantly is the inside of the hose port width
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