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Default Odd night for me: I caught fire.

[17-04, 20:01] photolinger i caught on fire [17-04, 20:01] MAD_HATTER well how did you do that lol [17-04, 20:08] alia820 hahah [17-04, 20:09] photolinger uh [17-04, 20:09] photolinger i stood too close to the stove [17-04, 20:09] photolinger the heat from the coal caught my shirt on fire [17-04, 20:09] photolinger i wasnt touching, but close enough [17-04, 20:10] photolinger the guys said you are on fire i said, i know and calmy walked to the sink and took my shirt off and dumped it [17-04, 20:10] photolinger i was pissed the shirt is ruined lol [17-04, 20:10] alia820 aw man [17-04, 20:10] photolinger seriously caught on fire [17-04, 20:11] Pieking leave it to PL to be a badass.. [17-04, 20:11] photolinger i thought about it later lol [17-04, 20:11] photolinger and i was like i cant believe i was on fire [17-04, 20:11] Pieking oh look you're on fire!.. "I know.. *walks to the sink calmly*" [17-04, 20:12] Pieking I could totally see that [17-04, 20:12] Pieking now my likely reaction would probably be to spaz the fire out. >.> [17-04, 20:13] photolinger lol [17-04, 20:13] MAD_HATTER hahahaha [17-04, 20:13] MAD_HATTER wtf [17-04, 20:14] MAD_HATTER how could not figure out that your on fire [17-04, 20:15] photolinger dude it was quick [17-04, 20:15] photolinger it was, this is hot, aw fuck my shirts on fire [17-04, 20:16] MAD_HATTER lmao i would have ran to the shower and turned it on [17-04, 20:16] MAD_HATTER i panick real quik [17-04, 20:16] MAD_HATTER lol [17-04, 20:16] photolinger i thought about it but it was easy to take my shirt off

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