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Default Rate increase

Although not directly related to Hookahs in general, this small chunk of info is important to many of us who do enjoy Hookah smoking (and have to purchase products online). As of Dec 31, 2007 - UPS is doing a rate increase on it's shipping costs.

UPS Ground & Standard to Canada = 4.9%
Air & International = 4.9% (combo of increase of 6.9% in rates, but 2% decrease in air/fuel surcharge)

So, any packages mailed out via UPS after 12/31/07, will cost more.

Just figured I'd post this as a HEAD'S UP, as ALOT of us order things online (Hookah and other stuff) and it would be nice to know WHY we are being charge more. Also so people can understand why vendor's sites may have CheckOut issues at the turn of the year (it's happened before with vendors and rate increases).
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