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Default Re: Strange Injuries regarding hookahs?1

A long time ago, in 5th grade. A kid in my class stabbed me with a graphite pencil. To this day I still have a little piece of graphite in my upper right arm.
Theres strange injury number one.

In 7th grade, my neighbor had a GoPed scooter. One day he asked me to help him start it. So I walk over, he's out on the street. He asks me to yank on the starter cord for him while he holds onto the gas and has his foot on the board to keep it steady. After about 5 pulls, no luck. But on the 6th, we decided to give it one more rip. First of all, I didn't realize he took his foot off the board. I pull on the cord as hard as I could, (I was very little back then so it really wasn't much power). Like I was saying, I yanked on it, the board lifted up, the exhaust pipe hit me in my left calf. About a half second later I noticed that my skin was bubbling at the point of impact.
Good stuff
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