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Default Re: KM Hammer Tongs....

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
Apparently you missed the point of my post. Some people don't like doing extra work. They don't care that it is minor. That being said the best pair of tongs I had required no modification. I don't like mya tongs because I have other pairs that worked better out of the box than mya tongs do modified. My complaint is why put out a product of any kind that requires extra time and even minor effort to make it usable? You call the users lazy. What about the company that thinks making tongs just mean punching them out of sheet metal and bending them in half?

And don't dare to call me lazy. I work harder and do more in regards to fabrication and handmade projects in the course of a day than most do in a month. I make my own mead, wine, beer, clothes, costumes, props, masks knives and everything else I can learn how to make witht he limited work space i have.
honestly i dont get how its something that would turn some one off. and what im trying to say is that if they think slightly forming the tongs which takes all of 15 seconds while you are waiting for your coals to light is to much work than they probably think packing a bowl is too much work. the mya tongs i didnt really see any problems with before i bent them i just did it so it ha more surface contact so i wouldnt have to worry about any issues.

as to a company being lazy, they would either need a new tool/machine to bend them that way to mass produce them or pay some one to sit there and do it, why would they do that when most people dont have an issue with the product. thats capitalism at its best, not making a product as best as they can, making a product as cheaply and quickly as allows to keep it acceptable to the customer.

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