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Default Re: Odd night for me: I caught fire.

Originally Posted by Codeman View Post
Haha - that's pretty funny stuff!

When I was in Junior High, I was taking metal shop and doing some gas welding next to a friend. I stopped and looked over and noticed a small flame on his shirt (fleece), so I told him "Mason, your shirt's on fire". He looked down, saw it, shut off his torch, and stood up. As he stood up, all the fuzz on the fleece just flash-burned - huge fireball in front of his face. That guy was ridiculously tan, but he looked albino after that one!
Originally Posted by Codeman View Post
He learned that day, lol. We were kids at the time (7th grade, maybe 8th). Instructor should have caught it. And all it did was flash over and burn off all the fuzz - went out immediately after that, so there was no burning involved. Nobody was hurt, so it's all good
he was lucky, that was one of the things my instructor in the class i took this semester kept saying over and over, he didnt even want people with jeans that had ragged bottoms on them to weld (i think he was being that hard core about it since the sculpture students that took the class are pretty lax on safety so if he insisted that much they shouldnt catch them selves on fire at least)

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