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Default Re: KM Hammer Tongs....

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
Now I am confused. Are you saying that you have no issue with the idea of a product that is incomplete upon purchase or are you saying you dislike the idea of a company putting out such a product? At this point you have said both.

Second note. If you are happy having to modify your tools so they work like they are supposed to that's fine. But don't insult people for expecting a product to work the way it should and then calling them lazy because they don't want to spend the effort rather than just grab another set of tongs.
see in my field you cannot just buy a tool most of the time, you usually have to make it or modify it because either a) it is not cost effective to buy a tool for 20 bucks when it can be made for 2 with 15 mins of your time or b) personal preferences are so varied that to make tools to fit everyones tastes you would be buying one off custom tools that would cost way to much. so modifying tools doesnt seem like a negative to me since i have to do it all the time.

depending on the item i usually dont care if i have to tweak it because most of the tweaking comes down to personal preference, and for other things i would rather not have to pay more to have something adjusted for something when i might have to adjust it later any way ( if you use exoticas you tongs will need to be bent in less than if you use coco style coals to grab them flat because of their size/shape. you cannot say "o these tones need to be bent X inches from the end at y degrees to grab a coal properly" because it will not work for every one still and people will still complain that the tongs dont grab correctly

and frankly i really think it shows the modern mentality that people would rather just be able to buy something else that is close to what they need instead of using their brain to adjust something to be perfect for their application.

guys that off road their vehicles dont go out and buy a vehicle that does what they want from the factory because there is no point for the factory to produce that when every one will change it at a lower over all price to the consumer any way, same idea here it is not cost effective to adjust the manufacturing process

if you can find a tong that off the shelf works than fine but every set of tongs i have bought and every set of tongs i will buy i will adjust.

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