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Originally Posted by FirePro84 View Post
It's never like the first time...ever...sorry to say...

seriously though, i've only got Nakhla to smoke well a few times, it's one of the tobaccos i'm still trying to figure out (i.e. what bowl, foil/holes, coals, packing, etc...) *i think the belgian natural tablets, the 3K QL's, golden QL's and belgian QL's i use are too hot for it, so next i'm gonna try the japanese square fingers, the CH QL's and some diamante i have lying around...i'll figure it out yet...

Let me know when you do, would be much appreciated.

I got it to work again tonight, i find once its working well its best to take slow pulls from it as to not overheat it, the good flavor seems to be lasting longer this way. I think i try and pull on it too hard to get more smoke from it thinking its a wet tobacco like AF or something and then burn it as a result idk.....still have to try the vegetable glycerine & maybe honey??
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