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Default I am stepping Down

Due to the situation that occured here... over what I still not sure of. So I am giveing up my mod position. I don't want people to think just because i have a Hookah Business I shouldn't be a Mod. Well i have to say is. I understand that this place is for Hookah Smokers and not Vendors. Even though i have been Smokeing Hookah alot longer than most here. But I am a person of Hookah first Business owner second. I do also understand that Sam has invested alot of money in this place.He does not want it to look like there is a inflence here especially by me. I don't really care if you guys buy from the Club or some other vendor. I was not here to Boost Sales. I was asked by a Phone call from Sam to be a Mod to help boost Population. I made a video and posted it on You Tube to help with the ranking of the forum on the search engines. I have also put links on my sites to help with population and ranking. I would not have done all of these things if i was i n this to make Money. I wanted to help. I already have a successful business. (Thank God) So I don't need to influence sales useing this Board. Alot of people do that. All I have done was offer you all and them real nice products for cheap. But I really do not want to deal with the drama. I blame alot of people. Those people know who they are. I will still contribute. But not nearly the passtionate energy as before. I may not have invested Money... Sam. I sure have invested a Shit ton of energy and time to help build population. Everyones Time is Valuable. Especially mine time. I am very busy running a business. Good luck and have fun. No regrets. Maybe a few.
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