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Default Re: What am I doing wrong????

Originally Posted by jalixa View Post
Hi I'm new to the hookah world and i got the hookah that has 3 holes 3 pipes and 3 funnels trays all in 1 when there are 3 pple smoking all 3 of us must pull at the same time to get alot of smoke but if 1 person is pulling during the process he or she wont get no smoke unless they pull hard.Is this normal for a 3 pipe hookah or could it be the hoes cant 1 help and thats the hookah i got
Yeah, man, you gotta cover up the openings on the hoses or the ports. Use tape, rubber stoppers, whatever. The problem is that the air you're pulling is through the other hoses, not the bowl. Each port shares the air above the water in the vase, and thus is more accessible than the smoke in the downstem. You have to eliminate the air's ability to come in through the other hoses to pull the smoke through the downstem.
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