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Default Re: For my first this good?

Its a decent starter, but remember you do get what you pay for.
So if you can afford to give a little extra it tends to go along way. Maybe go for something a little bigger, the longer the stem easier it will be to keep from getting a harsh smoke. But its really on prefrence, I prefer a larger hookah compared to a smaller one (i.e. Mya QT).
The Mya Acryllics are great starters, they are a friggen tank so they can be bumped and fumbled without too much fear. Some people might disagree, but mine was a $60 Acyrillic and its lasted me for about almost 2 years now.
Also, do some research browse around the fourms maybe in the reviews section, and see what people are saying about different hookahs. Its could just save you from wasting 30 bucks that could of gone towards a better pipe.

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