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Default Re: Check the new sticky...comment here!

Originally Posted by Xoek View Post
also, which way to the bathroom?
for those that get the urge to go sit down you might be allergic/sensitive to night shades (its a large grouping of plants that tobacco falls under, along with peppers, egg plants, and a lot of other random stuff)

Originally Posted by Cj Two A View Post
When you mention steel as a Build component of hookah you might mention, or maybe in the nationalities/brand section that it rusts if not properly maintained, Even if it is properly maintained(family used to own/run a metal fabrication shop so I know what im doing) depending on how poor the metal is you will still have corrosion. Especially in those cheap no name chinese hookahs. >_<

I just figure you want something on this in here so that when some fool comes posting, "I followed your recommendation and now the hookah I bought is rusting out!!" you can point at that and go, "we tried to tell you :/"
o lord dont get me started on chinese "stainless steel", there is truly a lot of shit metal coming from there now, i mean my parents have had the set of utensils that are stainless for a good 20+ years and it is fine where as all the ones that we bought in the last 8 years rusted/pitted in a few months... makes me just want to make all my forks knives and spoons

while i love steel im not to sure if it is a great component for a hookah unless you have true stainless that can hold up a lot better, brass is probably one of the best choices though since it just patinas, even aluminum is good and you can anodize it to be all purdy, honestly i want to se more modern hookahs made from anodized aluminum
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