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Default Re: what is the best for you? NAKHLA OR ALFAKHER?

Originally Posted by gigdarling25 View Post
although i'm currently mad at nakhla for being stoopid.. THIS WAS AWESOME! lol.

Anyhow, Nakhla & Alfakher both get me aggravated. they both burn even though i carefully tend to it's every whim and need. bastards. but overall, i think i'd go with al fakher... until nakhla changes my mind. i haven't given up on it!
if your burning nakhla your either using way to much coal, leaving them there to long, or have the coal right over the center of the bowl.

or maybe you just have no space under the foil, give it a good solid 1/8th of an inch and see if that helps, and tamp it down just a bit when you pack it (n0t enough to really hinder air flow but a touch of resistance will still be ok)
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