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Default Re: unrolling the leaves

Originally Posted by fr0ntline View Post
umm yeah i drank some water and eat a sandwich the buzz is gone now but the question here was if unrolling the tobacco leaves would still work, will it be good smoke still?
Oooooh. Ok. See you just had your title as unrolling tobacco leaves but then did not actually ask about it in your post. That was pretty confusing. You aren't going to get an answer to a question you don't ask.

Now regarding your question, breaking up the leaves and fluffing them is a common practice as it allows more airflow and a more even cooking of the tobacco. Because it is less tobacco it will last a shorter time but not much. It will smoke fine but lower density means a shorter smoke. If you are layering individual leaves to pack the space with as few as you can it will most likely cause some burning issues.
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