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Default Re: Hookah in Middle Tennessee

Baraka on Nolensville and Old Hickory. Golden Star on Murfreesboro Pike North of Briley Parkway (has Nakhla in jars). Discount Tobacco on Murfreesboro Pike (70s 41) in Antioch just south of Walmart on the opposite side of the road has some Nakhla. Murfreesboro Pike in Antioch North of Bell on the left there is a little market I don't remember the name but they do check cashing and they have hookahs and Shisha. Mike's Smokes and Brews in Cool Springs has Jewels. My understanding is every discount smoke shop in Columbia carries various Shisha I haven't been to one but I have a hookah friend in Columbia that has picked up some interesting stuff for us there. Aladdin's on Eliston's place in Nashville sells Shisha they are also a hookah bar. Tarboosh in Murfreesboro and Nashville (21st) Sells Al Fakher and is a great hookah lounge with outstanding mint tea and good middle eastern food. Lizzie's Grill Murfreesboro Pike in Antioch (nashville possibly) doesn't sell Shisha but has hookah's. Liquid Smoke on the Square in Murfreesboro will sell any Shisha on their hookah menu only smoke one of their hookahs if you don't enjoy smoking hookah cause they do not know what they are doing. I do not know of anywhere around Lebanon but I can't imagine there not being a few good places to pick up some Shisha out that way.

Baraka is the best it is a little middle eastern grocery (the Egyptians I know all shop there for most of their groceries) they have a section devoted to Shishas and have a ton of hookahs. Golden Star would be second but the people are not very helpful and their hookah stuff is behind the checkout so you will be in the way while looking and unless you come up to them asking for something specific they won't be very inclined to help you out. If you wait in line and then corner someone they will help though.
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