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Default Re: pros/cons of stem legnth?

Since you already seem to have purchased before I saw this thread, it's kinda moot, but I personally would have gone with the hookah from ( - It's a Madgy Z, a nice brand of Egyptian hookah.

The's hookah is a standard machine made Egyptian, not saying it won't be a nice rig, but for the money, I would have gone for the other one. But it seems you had a rather large order already planned as well. Just a tip for the wise - SHOP AROUND before purchasing, as everything you had listed was available (minus the nammor I beleive) at HC. For that would have to go to H-S, but it's all good

Good Luck on the hookah, good choice on the tobacco & coals. BTW - I have the 2 hose Engineer - Lovely rig, but the autoseal system sucks. I ended up removing it and everything works peachy fine.

(edited cuase I can't speel)
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