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Default Re: What are all the hookah hose types/brands?

Originally Posted by Nima View Post
is that in the order you would rate them at?

The qualities of a good hose would be medium to large hole size, the handle, and being washable.

any other thoughts?
The qualities of a good hose vary from person to person. A larger gauge hose has a more of an effortless pull where a smaller gauge has a restricted pull. The three most common washable hoses are (not in any particular order) Nammor, Razan, and Grand(Caravan).

Nammor and Razan are practically the same... the tip is removable. Where the Grand (Caravan) hose has a glued on tip. Its a personal preference to which hose style you get.

Mya has some nice washable hoses. So does alot of other no-name hoses. I think Fezzik has a saudi washable hose that he loves and they are also cheap (under $10).

Now on personal preference you have to think of how many people actually like non-washable hoses. Thunder is one of the members here who (as far as I know) loves a good ol' leather hose and he has multiple hoses for different flavors.

There are many companies that produce hoses...all the way from knock-off chinese ones to brand names. If you want to make a broad amount of money you have to offer a good assortment of hoses... the best thing to do would be to check your competitors website.
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