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Default Re: Strange Injuries regarding hookahs?1

Originally Posted by Hookahinthewomb View Post
I have the craziest strange injury story. The scene is a health class in eigth grade. We are taking a test. The kid sitting across the table gets extremely frustrated and throws his Al Fakher pencil (see hookah related) into the air. He then proceeds to attempt to put his head on the table. As he is moving his head down the pencil lands standing perfectly straight. Somehow in some crazy sequence of events the pencil goes straight through his lip. I mean a half and inch of the pencil was through his lip. I then proceed to stand up and yell "HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT PENCIL WENT STRAIGHT THROUGH HIS MOTHERFUCKING LIP.". Long story short the kid ends up with a viscous lip wound and I get suspended for three days. The prinipal who was a douche even said he understood my actions but due to school policy he had to suspend me. That's one thing I will never forget.
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