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Default Re: HELP!razan/grand tips

Originally Posted by moraleclipseX View Post
Hey guys, I had a hookah party the other night at my house and ran into a problem during the sessions.. Im a very hygenic person and other people smoking out of my hoses kinda skeeve me out unless they use a sanitary hose tip. I cant find plastic tips to fit my razans and grands.. so I gave the certain hoses to one person at a time and then hooked up the other guests with the 10 stock hoses i have and plastic tips for them.. does anyone know where i can buy plastic tips for the razan and grand hose? please if anyone knows I would really appreciatte it.
most of them will fit, but you insert the male end in, female out. Not exactly the same as smoking from a tip out of a mya hose, etc.. But it works
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