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Default You decide what i smoke tonight

I am going to list all of my shishas, tell me what to smoke. And if you can think of some, tell me a mix i can do, just to change it up.
Quite honestly, I dont care if you make it as gross or good as you can. Any mix you can think of it gonna be different.

Hookah Freak
-Peppermint Schnapps
-Purple Monkey
-Fruit Basket
-Long Island Iced Tea
-Mystery Mix (tastes like grape with some other stuff)
-Grapeful Dead
-Scooby Snack

Hookah Hookah

-Citrus Mist
-Pumpkin Pie ( only like 5g left so its a mixer)

-Blue Mist
-Grape (Ketchupy)
-Lemon Lime


Saalaam Herbal
-Spiced Chai
-Cherry Coke


-Mixed Berry

Al Waha
(i know, what was i thinking)

Al Fakher
-Fruit Cocktail

So thats about it, tell me what you would smoke or try to mix, i am really out of ideas. Last night, i didnt even smoke because i spent too long deciding on what to have, then it got too late...

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