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Default was this a mistake? plus some beginner's questions

so i lived in germany last year as an exchange student and fell in love with shisha. almost half the population of where i lived was turkish, so there were lots of shisha bars and many people had them in their houses. i had never seen one in south carolina where i live, so when i saw one i bought it immediately and wanted to show my friends.

i'm having second thoughts now. does this look like a bad hookah? it doesn't look like the ones i used in germany or the ones i see online (plus it seems small). i'm slapping myself for not looking on the internet and just buying it!

[img width=450 height=601][/img]

[img width=450 height=601][/img]

and then with the top unscrewed.
is this where i put the water? how much?
i'm kind of confused..i've never set my own up, and all the videos and instruction pages i've found are for the typical looking hookahs. anyone have experience with this kind?

another stupid question. my stove has the linoleum things over the burners. can i still use it to heat up the coal? can i buy the coal in a store like walmart and the tobacco in any gas station or tobacco store? do i need a mouth piece and if so, where can i get it?

haha sorry for so many questions..from an experienced smoker, but inexperienced owner
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