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Default Re: was this a mistake? plus some beginner's questions

First off, welcome to the forums! From the looks of it (in my opinion) that doesn't seem like a solid rig to have... You might want to shop and research around for some quality manufacturers of different hookahs. There's a crap load of different good choices out there, you just have to put a little time into researching it. Check out the review section for some detailed reviews on the well known brands as well as rare brands.

You'll also find many reviews on diffrent shisha brands as well as coals. I've found that most, if not all, of a begginers questions can be answered there by reading throughout that section. You don't want to buy tobacco from a store or gas station. That will not be the same type of tobacco that is supposed to be used for hookah smoking. Try looking through this site and also

That should get you started on looking through some quality shisha, hookahs, and coals. Social Smoke also has a great section where they explain how to choose the right shisha and hookah for you. Hookah-shisha also has a wonderful FAQ section as well... After looking through all of that as well as the review section on this forum, if you have any more questions, fell free to ask...
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