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Default Re: What are all the hookah hose types/brands?

I havent washed my razor in at least 5 months now.. And the taste is not bad at all.. so I really understand why a hose maybe doesnt even have to be washed if you use it correctly.. I must say also that 2 of my 3 razors was ruined in the first week I got them.. Strange ? well.. yeah.. Not the best quality I must say!
But razors have a effortless pull as someone said, this is not always better!

For nakhla I like smoking with normal sized hoses for normal pull but MORE con centrated flavour.. And also someone told me that you burn the shisha harder with smaller sized pulls and I belivie them..

Im really really tired of my razor.. feels like some big plastic thing in my mouth and too much pull.. I love the smaller hoses now that is more easy to use and not a 20 inch handle...

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