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Default Re: It's that time again

Brass does not rust in the same way that steel does. Brass, to protect itself from oxidation, converst itself with the green that we associate w/ brass. Steel on the otherhand has no protective element and just dies when it oxidizes. Most pipes, especially the newer KM's, are advertised as stainless steel but are actually galvanized steel that does rust rather easily. Eric and I were discussing this over the phone for a couple of hours. So now I'm a bit turned off by KM's in that I'm not guaranteed a stainless steel pipe. MZ's have been confirmed as true Stainless Steel and the clear based SS Syrian is brass.

Now its a tug of war between the MZ Horas C (or B), C being 35" and B 32" and $10 cheaper, and the SS Syrian which is 31" and similar in price to the MZ (just a couple dollars more than the MZ). Sigh, what to do, what to do?
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