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Default Re: was this a mistake? plus some beginner's questions

how to determine the level is easy, unscrew it from the base and put it beside the base, from there you can get a close estimate on where the stem goes when its screwed in and go above that about half an inch and BOOM your good on that. great thing is that the hookah will last forever, as long as it does not leak it will smoke fine. dont buy another one until your absolutely certain that one wont work as you want it to. i have seen ones at a few smoke shops made completly from brass and almost bought them a few times but never have yet.

you cant use that stove to heat up coals, you need an open coil heater so look for one at walmart, target or even or for a gas one you can get bulk coal in quite a few places as long as its 100% natural bulk charcoal. do not use something like kingsford but the bulk coal i said before will work fine. best bet i would say is order online some good coals like exotica coals. if you have a middle eastern grocery store nearby you can get coals there and tobacco. if you got a smokeshop and they have a hookah in there 98% chance they will have charcoal and tobacco but it will be a bit expensive. a mouthpiece is not needed, its used at hookah bars so you dont spread something between people.

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