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Default Re: Hookah and Beer: Any Fellow Beer Snobs Out There?

1st of all kahlua is not disgusting. 2nd, this is one of the very few and small reasons i don't like living in hawaii now, the beer selection you get at stores is severely limited. we have a lot of small local breweries here, but for the most part, to get their good stuff you actually have to go to their restaurant/brewery locations. the selection at the stores is mostly limited to big name beers, i don't mind bud lime, and i am fond of tequiza, however i do like to go out of my comfort zone and try new things.

compared to my home town of El Paso, TX this place sucks for alcohol, i mean coming from TX. Texas is like the home of the drive thru beer depot (shouldn't tha be considered entrapment?). a few years ago when i visited home a friend took me to this drive thru beer barn on the northeast side of town. it was an actual barn! a giant barn that you drive right into and it's like a freezer inside. dude was like you can try any beer here and it'll only cost you $1 for a longneck. and believe me when i say he gigantic global collection of beer.

it was funny actually, i just went a few weeks ago and took my wife who has never been. she was hella surprised when i took her to a beer depot named western beverages. she's just not used to seeing a department store of alcoholic beverages. then they carded her at the door and she was like wtf?
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