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Default Re: help with ordering..

First off.. hello and welcome to the forums.. Im from Sweden as well ..
Okey first thing.. No unfortuanally theres no site that will skip the shipment nomatther what you order.. So the shipments is something you will have to pay ..

Second.. I would defenitly not buy a hookah with 4 hoses or 6.. It's not that easy as it looks like. yes you will get one hose per person if you go with the 6 hose hookah, But it sucks in every way if u ask me.. there's many known problems with smoking like this..
Most of us here smokes hookah with at least another person, and it's much better to have a real good 1-person hookah to split. then having one of theese special many-hose hookahs .. thats my opinion and I belivie most of us here agree right..

Go for a single hose hookah and share one hose is my opinion
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