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Default Re: Help me with my new phunnel bowl

I use a Tangiers Medium phunnel and smoke AF, Nahkla and starbuzz with it.

For the packing, you don't need to pack it tight, I sprinkle the shisha in and just pack it down to keep it below the outside rim level so that it doesn't touch the foil.

I use 3 chunks of coal when I'm using CH Naturals, or I've recently gotten some Alalali coals that are gigantic, so 2 of those is fine and they last FOREVER.

My hole pattern is 3 square 'patches' of holes just smaller than the size of the coals, sit the coal on top of that, good times.

I just got my first nakhla in yesterday (Mizo Grape) and with 3 people smoking it I'm still getting flavourful, thick clouds after >5 HOURS<. I've gone through 5 sets of coals and the boal probably stil has another session in it before it dies.

That's just awesome. Once you get your phunnel techniques right, you'll wonder how you smoked without one.

Good luck!
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