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Default Re: was this a mistake? plus some beginner's questions

Originally Posted by deutschland89
hey, i'm trying here.
i'm not trying to open up a hookah bar..i want an easy one to set up for occasional use and to let my friends try it out.
The MAIN reason why I posted the above links, is so you could look through some QUALITY stuff...boomhauer's right, most of the e-bay crap is just that, crap! Once again, go to the links I posted above, and research and look through some quality stuff...For $50 you could've purchased yourself an outstanding hookah. E-bay is more of a shot in the dark in regards to wether the hookah is good or not...Like I said before, most if not all your questions can be answered by looking through the review section as wells as the FAQ and help section of the two sites above. If you would've taken the time to read through these web pages, you wouldn't have purchased an e-bay hookah (which more often than not ends up being junk)...
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