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Default help chosing KM Hookah.

Ok so i have found this Uk site that sells some different KM hookahs in different prices but the problem is that they are like the same height just three of them that sticks out, the cheapest which is a
Fountain Khalil Mamoon - Blue - 22 inch

that costs 28 pounds
and the two most expensive a
WORLD CUP Khalil Mamoon - Blue - 32 inch
that costs 79 pounds
and a
Ghost by Khalil Mamoon - Blue - 30inch
that costs 99 pounds

the rest of them are 28 inches and they come in a variety of prices so i wounder what is the difference between them if there is one more than color?

and I would also be interested in wich one of these u would recommend if we excluding the two most expensive.

maybe also shall mention that the reason I choosed this site where because of the shipping to sweden is less expensive if i order here.

The Hookahs can be found here:

thx in advice
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