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Default I'm Outta Here!!!

It has come to my attention that the issue of the package I received is a matter of interest clear across the forum member list. What I find most interesting is there are 3 interested parties; 3 people whose business it actually is Ė and all the people who are flapping their lips about it are not a single one of those 3. This situation is for none of you to question.

Since it is such a matter of interest, I offered a solution to the problem to Neal and he refused. If him and I could come to a mutual agreement, I would have gladly paid. However, he refused. I was civil when I contacted him and he even refused civility.

If you all want proof Iíll forward you the damn email. Also, what proof is a pic of an empty box going to be?

If there are those of you who donít like it Ė enough people have my address; youíre invited to bring it to my damn front door.

I do not deal well with childishness or people talking about me or situations involving me in my absence. So many people on this forum are lose jawed washwomen who life for drama. If you canít find it you create it. I have had about enough of the bullshit Ė THIS IS A HOOKAH FORUM! What Vender is jerking who around. Venders getting people involved with their personal bullshit.

Iíve had enough. Maybe itís just me but I cannot suffer being dragged into the he said she said crap that goes on here. Buddy tries pretty damn hard to run a good forum to allow people who enjoy hookah. He considers everyoneís feelings Ė and he is doing all of this FOR US! But everyone IMO shits it up with his or her ridiculousness.

Talking about me behind by back is totally disrespectful IMO. Itís more of a matter that you really think what you say matters to me when it doesnít that actually pisses me off.
To question me is your prerogative Ė but I still donít give a shit.

I would like very much for my account on the forum to be deleted immediately. I refuse to be subject matter of this sort. I donít want to be spoken to about it Ė or have any conversation of any kind. Just delete me.

Any friend Iíve made on this forum will be kept Ė you all know how to get in touch with me. That goes for any sales or deals Iíve made as well.

Feel good everyoneÖ
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