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Default Re: What is your favorite part of "hookah-ing"

Originally Posted by Lu1gi View Post
So I was thinking, am I the only one that enjoys the set up just as much as the smoke? I really enjoy being able to tweak the way I pack and play with different methods of setting up the hookah : IE. Water Temp, Adding Extracts to the Water, Mixing Flavors, Trying my very hardest to get the flavor out of my so called "Washable" hose. I dont know about anyone else, but the whole experimental part of hookah smoking is one of the main reasons why I enjoy it so much. Post your favorite part of hookah smoking.

I must totally agree with you ! I enjoy setting up my hookah as much as I enjoy smoking it..
I have been experimenting alot with different setups for many years now... I haven't yet found a universal smoking hookah set-up but that is because there is probably none.. and thats the intresting part.. every tobacco brand and flavour requires a different setup is my conclusion.. so there is always something to improve on every angel!
Though I have not yet started experimenting with mixes in my water, only water temp.. Cus I belivie that it really doesnt affect if u take milk or lemon thee or anything in the water.. but Im maybe wrong? Would love some kind of "adding stuff to the base" review section!
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