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Default Re: was this a mistake? plus some beginner's questions

Originally Posted by deutschland89
Thanks everyone! I bought a 22" starter hookah I found on ebay for about $50 after shipping. It's got the tobacco, coals, mouthpieces, everything. I figure when that comes in I can try both of them out and decide which I like better.

Originally Posted by mr weenis
kind of off topic, but where in sc do you live? if you're near the charleston area maybe we could get together and smoke at a hookah bar or something
I live in a small town about half an hour from Columbia, almost 2 hours from Charleston. I'm thinking of going to College of Charleston next year town in South Carolina by far. Are there hookah bars in downtown Charleston?
there are two, one is really posh and is 21+/dress code required. the other one is much more student-friendly, but as a result, there are lots of idiots there. the guy who owns it is really nice and pretty cool though. that's where i get my shisha and coals.

im at CofC, so if you end up down there, let's meet and greet!
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