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Default Re: I'm Outta Here!!!

wow if this is about us talking last night you should request a chat log from samb or another moderator and read it. the entire thing was to discuss what you said had happened. we said nothing against you and actually some of us where saying you are a man of your word, if you said it happened i wouldnt doubt you and say it did not happened. i said that your the kind of person who calls you a liar to your face you would beat the crap out of them, as you are a man of your word i would take it that you do not like it when people call you a liar just as right now. if you think it was us talking behind your back i would have talked about it while you where in the chat room, the only reason it was brought up was because rayver mentioned neal and i remembered what you said happened.

if you are going to get this worked up over people discussing something which involves you without then please call your isp and cancel your internet connection. what else do people do on the internet but TALK about stuff. you said this is a hookah forum as if that is the exact reason to stay out of it but guess what HE IS A VENDOR WHO SELLS HOOKAH'S! because he sells hookah's he is a vendor who on the site or not involves people on the site who can buy from him which then makes it a valid discussion. if it actually happened then people on the forum need to be aware that there is the remote possibility that it can be done again to anyone he suspects led to his ban. the people who stayed in the chat room know neal does NOT forgive and forget easily when he has something against you. if you need an example on that just see mahir and how they had that one fight yet for well over 2 weeks he was STILL taking shots at him any chance he got or just brought it up randomly.
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