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Default Re: The Best Advice I've Heard Thus Far.

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
OK I gotta step up and say something about the infamous number 6! OK, here is my take, if you are with friends and having a few drinks .. and you have an attraction to a cute girl and get the feeling she is attracted back. A shotgun is definitely a first move! .. but no tongue lol .. just blow some smoke into her mouth, but get really close. It most likely will lead to more later. One time I was smoking with friends and me and this one girl were hitting it off sitting next to each other smoking some hookah. Well people were doing the shotgunning thing. I didn't .. (but eventually did) .. but later (and by later I mean at her house later, in her bed) the girl told me she was wondering WHY I took so long to shotgun the smoke to her. She wanted me to! She said she thought it was really sexy and was patiently waiting for me to blow some smoke her way, said she thought it was a turn on to watch people do that. So there ya go .. number 6 is definitely something that gets your foot in the door, but be smooth about it!

You could also put ice cubes in her base! haha .. for an enjoyable cold sensation! lmao

Pimp! lol
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