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Default Re: I saw something that blew my mind the other night.

Originally Posted by Shushyne4np2ne View Post
I went to a local hookah bar last night and saw the bowl being packed... good god it was awkward. The guy super packs it (like overflowing the bowl, like putting a snowball in the bowl), puts foil over it, gets little pin holes in it, then throws two and a half 3 Kings 33MM QL's on the foil. Yeah.... I was mortified and asked if I could pack my own bowl and did it right. I also, when he wasn't looking, plopped two CH QLs on there and enjoyed. I just couldn't believe he did it that way. Anyone else see someone do it this way? Is this a valid way of doing it?

I am going to have to call in the investigation forces. How could you have started a CH coal without the fire that erupts from them or the plumes of acrid smoke give away your actions?

I love CH coals but they are small incendiary devices...
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