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Default Just got my hookah and done with my first bowl.

Hey guys sorry if im in the wrong thread, but my Zen Hookah came in today from sahara smoke (shipping was really quick might do a vendor/pipe review later) was my fist hookah so I just wanted something small to try it out. Gotta say i was really surprised even with all my beginner mistakes (think the top of my bowl ended up with more ash on it then the tray lol) it was really a great experience. Im sure it would of been better with a better quality hookah but I cant complain one bit. Not sure if im ready to put down my pipe just yet but im sure it wont be to long.

Anyway I did have a few questions for you guys and sorry if it was posted before. Since it was my first time smoking a hookah I really wasn't to sure on how often I should purge. My vase is really small so it seemed to fill with smoke quick so i ended up purging every 2-3mins. I guess if you wait to long it starts to effect the quility of the smoke? If someone could clear that up for me it would be helpful.

Also my charcoal seemed to burn out before the bowl was finished. The Zen comes with a kinda small bowl so I used two Alhla charcoals. Not sure if I was somking to slow or just need to add a third charcoal? Maybe it just comes with experience lol.
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