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Default Re: What is your favorite part of "hookah-ing"

I must have been a little grumpy earlier. Sorry about my bad inquiry. I should've said that i love every aspect of hookah. Its a great experience to share with your friends, for they usually make a session what it is. Its a lot of fun learning new things to try, then putting them to use. New mixes in the bowl, and in the base are always fun to experiment with. Setting up is fun, because when you're ready to smoke, you feel accomplished. Then we move on to the SMOKE! The smoke is great, and a little buzz here and there is always nice. Thick, white, thunderous clouds filling the room are beneficial, well, just because they're cool, and you can get some sick, thick rings. Messing around with your friends to see who has the best rings, cheerios, thunderclouds, or just cool stuff to lay our there is always a blast. Either way, hookah is great alone, or with a group of friends. =]
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