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Default Nargthiles and Sidecars

As some of you all know I am an avid fan of sidecars and and a moderately incompetent racer of the same. What you may not know and what has been unknown to me until recently is that sidecarists are often wild about narghiles and moassel.

A few weeks back I went to a race/rally/jumble and while I was looking at beautiful old enclosed Squire and noticed the a stream of smoke coming out of the top that had the very familiar sent of Paan Rasna flavoured Desi Merli. So I knocked on the door and the owner emerged who to my surprise, turned out to be a Tuetonic gentleman of roughly my vintage visiting from Bremman. He had built a wonderful table to secure his narghile in the sidecar and had taken the trouble to run a power line from the battery to a coal stater. He even had a battery powered fridge and plenty of Ottoman pillows to complete the ultimate portable smoking lounge with room for two.

Equally suprising to me was my discovery that off-road sidecarists share my passion as well. Several lads fed tea and biscuits while discussing moassel and stearing geometry with me.

Another fellow used his EML/Ducati combo to house a custom built 4 hose narghile and mini keg dispensor making for an amazingly unique way to host a picinic.

All in all, got to meet a great bunch of fellows and discover that something are compatible that I never even considered before.

Some world we have!
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