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Default Re: It's that time again

well i hate to jump in and all but i want to be honest with you all..... i hate hookahs... lol
i love KMs to death but recently i have fallen in love with MZ's too... i have a ton of personal hookahs and well i have had a KM on the rocks for about 3 years now.... i smoke between 3-5 bowls of grape from it almost every day . they are not bad hookahs its like what i tell every one if you take care of your hookah your hookah will take care of you in the end.... i am a freak when it comes to my hookahs i change the hoses on the once every 2-3 weeks. Km's are bad ass when it comes to life. on the other hand the looks wise they are eh to me.....

MZ's are bad ass too i have 5 for personal use and have had them for about a year and a 1/2 now and the only thing i dont like about them is they tend to have realy sharp edges on the down stem where the nut is... but thats about it... and in all honesty there is no such thing as a stainless steel hookah...keep that in mind... every one says it is. but its not... dont get me wrong the finish on them is beautiful and shiny but it fades... trust me.

if you want to do somthing to your hookah to make it last longer... get it chromed before you even use it. i have done it to a couple hookahs i have made for some clients and wow it looks amazing.

KM's MZ's wow that would really make a good articule in next months hookah talk!
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