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Default Re: The Best Advice I've Heard Thus Far.

Originally Posted by denverbroncos View Post
I've just recently started becoming a hookah enthusiast and I think it is a relaxing thing to do if you're studyin or somethin like that. Just wanted to share some of my knowledge for the best smoke possible.

1. Most important tip u could find on the net...Pack lightly by sprinkling and leave at least 3/5 inch space from shisha to foil so that the pull is easier and the shisha doesn't burn, the way you know that you overpack the bowl is if when ur session is done, there is black burnt shisha stuck to the foil.

I don't believe an "exact" measurement is nec., but space is a necessity!!!

2. Add ice cubes to the base, this is prime for any good smoke, it also protects ur lungs from scorching hot smoke.

I've yet to smoke any "scorching hot" hookah smoke, but ice is definitely nice.

3. Clean the pipe and the hose (if it is washable). The taste will be unbelievable during any session if u clean the pipe with lemon juice and the washable hose with water.

I clean my hookah twice a week, even with that I should be cleaning it more ( I smoke about a bowl a day)

4. Stick with cheap, brand name shisha, fruity flavors.. The only shisha u should buy is al fakher, nakhla and on certain occasions starbuzz. Fruity flavors carry the most flavor while artifical flavors get dull after a while (with the exception of sb blue mist).

Not a big fan of this one. AF has gone down in quality greatly, Nakhla to me is like drinking Natural Light, and SB is HIGHLY overrated. I enjoy Romman, Fumari, certain SB flavors, only about 2-3 flavors of AF (pipe is godlike), Fusions another great brand.

Avoid Fantasia!!!! Cheaply made overpriced garbage that costs more than starbuzz.

5. If you add milk, add 1 or 2 shots AT MOST. If you add more, the milk will bubble into the hose and cause mold to form...

I'd avoid milk altogether personally, I've found that smoke rumor to be a myth. My clouds never increased in density or size due to milk.

6. If you're with a chick or a group at that, introduce them to shotgunning by asking "Hey i just learned how to shotgun, u wanna learn?" Proceed to insert your tongue in them while transferring the smoke from your mouth to theirs. If they are familiar with shotgunning, ask them to teach you...You will love this, guaranteed.

If she's not drunk, good luck my friend.

7. Leave the coals on the far edges of the bowl for heat management purposes, this will allow the hookah to smoke longer.

Definitely a plus!!!!!

8. Don't smoke hookah everyday or every week. It is enjoyable and refreshing once in awhile, otherwise it's just unhealthy.

Excess of anything is bad. Having 4+ bowls everyday could be very bad, but no need to fear smoking more than once a month. The only "right" amount is however much you want to smoke (without indulgance), besides i've reason to believe Cancer is more based on genetics.

9. If you're up to it, try new stuff. Try adding stuff to the shisha (apple bits, molasses, honey) and to the vase. the most enjoyable smoke i've had was with beer, apple, ice, and sprite in the base with al fakher lemon...

Too much hassle honestly. I would experiment with different liquids in the base, I've made horrid tobacco (HF banana split) taste AMAZING with juice in my base. The best thus far was probably Romman Good times with orange Kool-Aid, or eating Reese Cups with my peanut butter/ af pipe combo.

10. A nice addition for a party is to add 3/4 parts vodka and 1/4 part water, 1 shot of milk to the base. Effective in keeping you euphoric and up for the majority of the night.

Oh god. After tip 8 this one made me laugh. Please don't inhale alcohol. Drink it, abstain from it, do whatever, but oh goodness. 3/4ths parts vodka? Wow.

PS: #4...I haven't tried tangiers but i have a feeling it is too strong for me
Nakhla is nothing but a poor man's Tangiers.
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