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Talking new object of my desire

so yeah, like the title states, i've found a new hookah to obsess over in my dreams, day dreams and general fantasies, some of which will bring down the ban hammer if i think about too loudly. mmmmm....hookah. now, behold!!!!


look at the pic with the close up of the pears, that's like amazing, and in my fave color.

now to be the man of the house, put some pants on, you know like in the relationship, not that i was sitting at my keyboard without pants on or anything, and DEMAND, ney ORDER my wife give me permission, and like you know, access to the cash i require! off i go to order her around like a common house wench, i'll let y'all know how it went, wish me luck.

before i go though, i need 2 things, first, a touch of the liquid courage, and second any of you have experience with this particular hookah? how solid is the stem? what are the pears made of, and like is there a high likelyhood of damge to them if it tips?
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