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Default Re: What is your favorite part of "hookah-ing"

I like not getting a headache from crappy quicklights! LOL, But seriously, I love smoking when newbies come over to my house. I mean, half of them haven't even SEEN a hookah, much less smoked it. I usually start them out with something mild, then sneak in a nice bowl of the almighty god, NAKHLA. You know how funny it is to see someone who has never smoked hookah buzzing off of Nakhla? Pretty damn hilarious. Anyway, I really like smoking with friends, just because I got the hookah so I could have someone to smoke with and enjoy it's amazing smoke. For some reason, I could care less if there was nicotine in cigarettes, I love to see smoke. Sadly, I'm on hookah probation, so my KM red/gold 34" Double Pear will have to wait.. :-(

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