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Default Re: Nargthiles and Sidecars

Thanks for the kind comments all. It's good to hear from several of you guys again. Actually I did take some pictures but being really crappy with computers I haven't figured out how to access the pictures yet.

Matt, yes, I mean sidecars or "hacks" as some say attached to motorcycles.

Anyway, what was so funny was that the guys that I ran into were not the typical 20 somethings you think of as narghile fans but guys from the 30s to 50s.

As to picnics well ale here is a little different then it is in say the U.S./U.K. Here it's basically a low alcohol refreshing beverage that basically everyone drinks the same way Italians/Greeks/Spaniards etc drink wine. Binge drinking is rare and frowned on. So yeah, a picnic is basically what you nornmally think of except you can smoke while you eat.
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