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Default Re: Eating Tobacco in Goa

Originally Posted by glostersa View Post
Actually The Tobacco you eat is green Tobacco not the cured and ripened leaves the green leaves is a vegetable and the alkaloids only start showing itself in force with the curing process. That is why the correct curing of tobacco is important for the crop of a tobacco Farmer hinges on it for the quality of the tobacco is determined by it. Bad quality low price good quality high price.

Take raw coffee beans they are white but once roasted and ground do they only release its flavor. Just as the taste of tea differs from green tea to dried tea.

Actually you are right about the leaves being fermented and hence, no alkoloids. However, the stuff doesn't look like green leaf when it's been chopped and made into a honey paste.

Anyway, the thing is that these dishes are eaten by people that don't smoke and have no great love of tobacco. The fish dish was simply delightful and the tobacco tastes add something most definitely that is not what you are used to having in fod yet it melds with the other stuff in the recipe if you do it right.

I can say that when you eat tobacco it definitely does not taste like anything you smoke. You guys ought to give it try if you get the chance.
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