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Default Re: What are all the hookah hose types/brands?

Originally Posted by omgheyitskenny View Post
smoking multiple flavors thru 1 hose = crap

smoke mint and wash that out

point proven
true, that's why you shell out the extra 5 dollars and get a washable hose.

mint did nothing for my first hose.
i smoked three, 1 hour sessions with al-fakher mint, and nakhla mizo mint.
even put altoids and those red and white peppermints from restaurants in there, still did nothing.
i let my hose hang for a week,
then i beat the fuck out of it and blew compressed air through it for 5 minutes.
smoked 2 more, 1 hour sessions of mint.
then we tried vanilla 3 days later and it tasted like a minty asshole.
that hose is now rotting in a landfill,
while my 2 nammor hoses and my razan sultan laugh at it.
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