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Default Contribute to the New Hobo..

Hey ya'll,

We have been a bit absent on the boards since the HoboHookah launch almost 2 years ago. The current Hobo has done well, but its time for us to consider our next iteration...

We have been scoping the boards as well as have received a lot of feedback from Hobo users, and we feel comfortable at this moment that we are going to come out with a product that incorporates all of that feedback.

Of course things like a purge valve and stem length are going to be incorporated. A tray...well not yet, but you know that may happen once we get a tray we feel is appropriate for the best, beat it up, travel hookah.

So, as we finalize the design: Hobo users - What would you change? or what do you want us to keep the same? And for those who think they could see themselves smoking a Hobo some day, what would you want changed, added or subtracted for you to join the clan?

Cheers everyone. Its been a fun ride, and now its time to really make something different...
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