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Default Having problems with your purge valves?

Hey everyone, lately I've been having problems with my purge valve sticking after washing, and I came up with a sure-fire solution that doesn't adversely effect the performance of your purge valve, and will probably give more life to your ball-bearings.


1. unscrew purge valve, and remove ball-bearing

2. lightly coat your index finger and thumb with vegetable oil.

3. coat ball-bearing lightly with vegetable oil(2 cycle oil would work too. since you aren't really smoking from that end anyways.)

4. place ball-bearing back in it's original location, use index finger to roll the bearing around so it distributes the oil evenly over the port exit.

5. screw back on purge valve cap, and you're done. Won't stick, prevents rust and buildup.

This might have already been discussed before, don't know. But it's sure helped me!
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